A Heart of Flesh

945729_666600963369266_835031270_n“I will give you a new heart and put a new spirit in you; I will remove from you your heart of stone and give you a heart of flesh.” Ezekiel 36:26

I cry a lot.  Really, if you know me you will know I am easily moved with compassion. I cannot talk about what is dear to me without being moved to tears.  I cannot be around the hurting and helpless without being moved with compassion. My heart hurts.
People say that Christianity, is a list of do’s and don’ts, and the Bible is our rule book; but why would a rule book contain songs and poetry? I must say I do not read a lot of poetry or verse. That’s not to say I don’t like it. I do. You see, I listen to it often on youtube. I love spoken word.. and music for that matter, ( which is verse.) But I never thought of the Bible as a book of Verse and Poem, but yet the largest book in the Bible is Psalms, and that’s not the only book that contains poem or verse even. Moses uses it. Song of Solomon.. This got me thinking,  I have never been given, nor do I think in the history of sports or military has there ever been given, a playbook to learn and study that contains poems and songs with the plays and maneuvers that will be used on the offensive or defensive, yet in God’s play book it is very prevalent. Why??
Poetry, Rhyme, and Verse speak to the deepest parts of the soul, not to just the mind or will. 1016060_656612677701428_1390517814_n Art is used to describe the indescribable. To move our emotions, to raise up something with in us, to stir us to action out of passion, not of duty. I think this scripture, “ I will take away the heart of Stone and give you a heart of flesh,” is at the core what Christianity is about. It’s not that God doesn’t want our actions to be right. He does.. but that He wants our hearts to be right first, and when our hearts our His, our actions will match His heart. You can never change a heart with a list of rules of do’s and don’ts, you can only control behavior.  Compassion is not just learned, it is birthed from within.
We are born with this “heart of stone.” By our birth nature we are formed to fight, kick, scream and yell for that which we want, mainly our way, our needs, our desires.. You do not have to teach a kid to fight for their toy. You do not have to teach a kid to be mean or selfish. These things come natural. The parents have to teach to love, share, be kind.. WHY??  You don’t have to teach a kid to throw a fit when they do not get their way, but you do have to teach control and restraint.  There is something internally flawed that this is that way.  You don’t even have to be religious to see it..
1012206_673411662688196_367239925_n   Jesus said, “For from within, out of a persons’ hearts come evil thoughts, sexual immoralities, thefts, murders, adulteries, greed, evil actions, deceit, promiscuity, stinginess, blasphemy, pride and foolishness.”  Mark 7:21-22
So we have to set up rules, laws, and God gave us Commandments to follow so that we can somewhat guide our behavior, especially those with out of change of heart. The world doesn’t need more rules, more laws, for they cannot change anyone’s heart.  The selfishness and deceit that is with in the heart cannot be controlled or contained forever, it is stronger than our will, just watch the news, read the paper, or listen to the radio and you will hear of crime, corruption, and dishevel all around the world, and know that no amount of laws will change this.
I have said all this to draw us to the deepest part of our being, our inner most being. A place that is mystical. Words effect it, verse and rhyme move it, and but only Christ can change it. For there is something about a heart of stone, it is hard. It can crack and it can break, but it is still stone. It can be shaped and it can be formed, but it is what it is… Stone.. It will not grow or give life. It can weather and it can grow old, but will never feel. We need this changed. Something inside of us needs to be transformed.
It is this “new Heart.. a heart of flesh,” that we must have. It must beat with the love of Christ. 21321_3110397657090_1025287718_nA heart of flesh beats, it is moved, stirred, feels and can grow.  A heart of flesh gives life, something that stone can never do.  If we are given the bible it is not for us to just know facts, rules, behaviors, history, but to know God at a heart level. To be mystically, eternally, and internally changed. The Bible is filled with verse, poems, and rhyme to connect our inner being with the one who has the power to change this stoney heart to a heart of flesh. To move us with passion and desire for what we are longing for… Acceptance, Assurance, and Love..  There is no better medium to pass this on than thru various forms of poetry and music. It captures our hearts, and our imaginations. It speaks not only to the mind but touches those hidden places we can so cover up and hide from others.
So, let us come to the well and drink from that which is deep. Dug by those who have gone before us. Let us sing some of the ancient songs, and relish in the verse that can set us from the “law of sin and death.”  For it will ever be true, one must know they are lost before they can be found, and only when light is shown do we understand what darkness is. So may we get lost enough that we let someone greater than ourselves lead us. Someone Eternal and true.. Let us come to the one that formed our inner most beings, and called us by name before we were ever born.