The Author, Writer and Producer

317417_1638036688986_529195459_n“Let us fix our eyes on Jesus, the Author and Perfecter of our faith,” Hebrews 12:2

It has been so long… My hands hovering over the  keys hoping to stroke them in an order to dig out what it is that wants to come out, or at least come close to discern what’s there. Thoughts are hidden in the remote recesses of my mind, blocked by events over the last month. What is back there? What is covered up by the dirt of life that needs to be uncovered?
380071_1638036368978_390358679_nThe last 2 months have flown by, clouded with death and issues, taking thoughts captive has been something that has eluded me. I sit in this dark room staring at my Bible. What is it that I need to read? OR what is it that needs to be prayed? My heart.. Where is my heart?
There is something that is stirring in me. My heart.. My dreams. My desires… What has God placed in there? What in my spirit is trying to wake? My gut is in knots. My inner most being is being shaken. I just keep praying. There is a story being written and I am in this story. As I sit and write, there is one who has written long before I was. Before my fingers ever found the keys on the keyboard. One who “knew me before that foundations of the earth,” who, inscribed ‘me’ on the palm of His hand. (Ephesians 1:4, Isaiah 49:16)
This Author has been writing a story and I have now entered in to the drama for such a time as this. I am now drawn in to this adventure of love, action, and drama for one purpose… To show forth the greatness of Him who called me out of darkness onto His stage. I am no longer allowed to sit in the audience and watch, sitting in the vast crowd of spectators who sit in darkness watching the story unfold up on stage. No, I have a curtain call. The script has been handed to me, I have been brought out to the light, not to be a star but a cast member in the great story of the Writer. It is thru the various acts and scenes we are given the380992_315462171798791_1372259818_n lines, the queues in which we are to perform, act out, producing a desired affect on those who sit in darkness watching our performance. We are to engage them in such a level that they see our good works and glorify the Author, Writer, Composer of this story, drawing them into that which was meant for them as well. A greater story is awaiting for all to be lived.
The great stage of life is set before us, it is played out all around, and the world has lulled us into passivity, living a lesser life than that which the Author never intended, a lesser story… We are called to awake, arise, shine, for He has called, and though the world has said I am not worthy of this calling, the part to be played, He is the one that justifies his decision, and though I have no glory in myself, no credentials, no qualifications He chooses me for His Glory. This Calling is for as many as would receive it, and “He is faithful who has Called.” “He has given us everything pertaining to life and godliness,” to live out our scenes, our parts, in this drama, and all good stories have drama.
388063_315463081798700_1817192418_n No story worth writing, acting, or producing has no drama, a collision of events where the characters have to change, or decide if they will make a change in the story around them. It’s a call to something greater than the characters have imagined or dreamed possible. Something has awakened them to a need, a love, a passion that they have to choose to either engage in the events going on, or sit idle. They are called into a greater story wither by conflict, or some unforeseen event, the Writer has so arrayed that a decision is required. Will we face our fears, step out into the story that has always been, or do we shrink back in fear?
So it is with myself, as with all.. We have been called, chosen.. The Writer and Producer has called our names. Our story isn’t over. It doesn’t end with the audition, but unfolds with every flip of the page. As the pages of the script are numbered so our the days of our lives, we just need to follow this script. We need to listen to the Author of the story. Follow the direction of the Producer, The Author and Perfector of our Faith.. For we are His workmanship, masterpiece, created for Good works which He prepared before hand that we should walk in. (Ephesians 2:10)
We have been brought, some to center stage, while others supporting roles, into the limelight to be that which our part is written. Let us there for cast aside those things that so hinder us and let us hold fast to that which is spoken to us by the 312752_2210978877318_915669934_nCreator.

Are we following the script that the Author has written, or are we trying to type out and write our own story?