Dear Sister Moon, I see you

1505476_10200111568790170_640475446106643753_nI am in Romania.. Specifically I am in Targu Mures. I find myself under the glow of a moon as it casts its light through the looming clouds which hover overhead.  I am in the Center. The Center of town, and so is 10,000 other people. We have gather to watch the lighting of the Christmas Tree.  The electricity in the air is as sharp and tangible as that which will be running thru every branch on this 100 foot tree.

I am captivated by something else. My gaze is not yet fixed on the tree, but that which is above it. Something above the buildings, above the clouds. It’s glowing essence is mysterious. The moon seems to be hiding in the shadows, piercing thru from time to time, as to watch from  above that which is about to take place.

I don’t know if it’s trying to hide from the people, or if the clouds are that selfish as to block it’s view, but Sister Moon is 10410417_10200111560069952_4065132519833764690_nthere.  From a distant spot, watching with the glow of the radiant sun that which is about to take place.

Clouds pass by, some lingering longer than others.. The moon peeking around to keep an ever watchful eye on what’s below. I should be looking at the tree. The 1000’s of hours that went to making this spectacular moment is about to be reviled.. But I keep watching as the moon seems to be kept from view.

10702198_10200111555509838_686218470937247115_n  In a choreography of color, at once the blacked 100 foot object comes to life. Flashes of light, the blues, reds, and whites flash.. The tree has become the center of the attention. How could it not? Who could take their eye off the symphony of lights moving with the rhythm of music playing across the Center??

As the newness wears off, and people start heading in different directions, I had to look. Was she there? Did she see it? Did she notice? Or were there clouds blocking out the scene below?

Yes, she was still watching. Not being the center of attention, no one focused on the Beauty that was hovering over their heads, yet she was shining as bright as the lights that decorate the city around me..

The moon, hanging back, tucked away by the clouds, not being the center of attention, yet a part of the night. She is there,10418222_10200111544829571_2323664707732184769_n  playing her part. Why don’t  we see her? Why don’t we notice her? Is it because we are more about the here and now? Are we concerned with that which is flashy and new that we can’t notice natural beauty? Her soul matters.  She has been bypassed by so many. No one notices her significance. There is nothing flashy about her. She is plain, and only at times does she appear to be bright. Most of the time we only see a part of her. Maybe we aren’t listening. What is she saying? Why are our hearts hardened to her ever changing form?

I am no longer concerned about the moon, nor the tree.. Another, who reflects this moon I have been watching.  Her soul is precious.  Her spirit is brave.. She shines in the darkness, but never drawing attention to her beauty..She is Mysterious.

10419602_10203349260315570_2956521066530176410_n  There are many like her..  Those who are pushed to the back, afraid of coming forward. They sit back, at times darkened by the clouds that block out the sun in their life. They have a beauty about them.  There is something captivating with each soul.. Each Spirit.. They come in different forms and different shades, but their beauty is theirs.  They illuminate, not themselves but those around them.  They watch from 10806442_10200111542829521_832006939117831907_nafar.  They long to be apart of something… But what??

Music is playing.. Kids are dancing. The Moon seems to be watching it all.. And the one who is in back  seems to be illuminating a little more brightly. There is an awkward and uneasiness about her around others.. Yet, graceful and full of love, her compassion pushes thru the cold night air. Yes, even from a distance, her presence is known..

The moon is beautiful tonight…