Fishing for Words

I love fishing. Well, I use to love fishing. I loved watching fishing shows, competitions, whatever I could. I 208625_1006683625554_2761212_n[1]use to love being on the water, early in the morning, sun just coming up over the crest of the earth bringing to live all the rays touch. The gentle lap of the water against the hull of the boat. Positioning everything for that first cast..

A Great movie all should see, A River Runs Through It. In it Norman McLean says, “in the Arctic half-light of the canyon, all existence fades to a being with my soul and memories and the sounds of the Big Blackfoot River and a four-count rhythm and the hope that a fish will rise”.

Sometimes writing is like fishing, you have to leave your line in the water long enough to catch something. Also, the more you do it, the better you get. For me, I have not had my line in the water in a long time. I have forgotten how to cast upon the water. I have lost my positioning. The rhythm is off,  and my technique  rusty at best. So, this is me rising early once again, feeling the morning gradually awaking from the night. My boat is now my chair, my pole is the computer that sits in my lap, I will now attempt once again to catch my passion for words. Not just any words, but words so strung together that thought and poetry give way to meaning and cohesiveness. May my words form character and body, constructing the emotion and feelings of  this moment in time.
197449_1006683665555_4733849_n[2]The water is calm this morning; the wind is yet somewhat turbulent. The clouds loom, not allowing the morning rays to cast it’s light. Yet, the fish, words, are stirring. Maybe something will bite.

I don’t fish, write, for a living. (A dream it would be for sure.) I do it because it makes me feel alive. I do it for the peace it gives. The click of the keys, the flow of the words like the current of the lake, each click lapping the hull of the boat. A rhythm sets in. A pattern.. I’m not looking to catch a lot, just one good one. One story. One thought
Many casts with many stokes of the keys, getting fewer and fewer nibbles. All it takes is that one. It’s not like I am going to keep it. I will just let it go. But in catching that thought, bringing it in, and releasing it, I feel a sense of accomplishment. Conquering? Maybe.. Understanding? More likely. Of myself.. and hopefully to those around me. I write because I feel the words. I cast my words out and draw them back in a rhythmic pattern, slowly at times and then fast at others.. At times I just let them free fall, “in hope that a fish will rise,” a thought will be captured, a truth be told, and understanding gained.

The Scriptures tell us to “Cast your bread upon the water, and it will return upon every wave.” So this is 200053_1006683705556_7455236_n[1]me.. I am pulling away from the shore once more. I am going to my favorite spot. I am grabbing the best, or what I deem appropriate for the moment.

It has been a long time since I have fished. It has been a while since I have had to position myself.  I will find the rhythm again… The thoughts are there, pooled under the cliff. I lift my rod and I cast..
I write..


My Heart is Upon the Waters

562862_2325855964038_224558256_n“The Spirit of the Lord hovered above the waters.” Genesis 1:2

Writing is a lot like fishing. I think sometimes we need to sit at the banks of the water with our bait in until something bites. To often we make a few casts and nothing really happens. We may write or blog a few times and nothing seems to flow. We don’t get any bites, so we pack up and move on or quit fishing all together. So this is me dipping my foot in the water, with my line cast out. I am sitting at the bank waiting for what is coming by, even as “the Spirit gives utterance.”
I love fishing. It use to be my favorit hobby. I was never great at it, but loved it. All the complexities of it. All the various methods. Trying to figure out how to catch each species of fish. Every weekend I would spend on a lake somewhere with my friends and family trying to catch fish. Sometimes it was successful and other times not so much. But each trip had its memories. Each trip had its lessons, and it is in these that made it a challenge and an invitation to return and conquer.
I loved being on the water. My spirit was on the water.. I didn’t mind the cold. I didn’t mind rising up early to go. I wanted to be the first on the lake. I wanted to get to my spot early. I wanted to claim my area. I wanted to be in the right place at the right time to catch the most fish in the peak time.
208625_1006683625554_2761212_n I didn’t mind getting wet. I didn’t mind the hours it took. I absolulely loved being on the water. When I was on the boat, time didn’t matter. My schedule of things to do seemed to disappear. Worry. Regrets.. Failures. The cares of this life all seemed to fade away. All that mattered was getting in the right position. Being in the right place. Making the right cast in the area I was aiming for. I miss fishing..
Jesus talked about fishing. Half of his disciples were fishermen. I can so relate to this. Fishing is an interesting metaphor. So many similarities in so much of life can be drawn by comparing fishing to life. Jesus said, “Follow me and I will make you fishers of men.” And such we are and such is life.. See, fishing requires patience. Knowledge. Fishing is a skill that can be improved upon. There are various technics, various baits, methods, styles, and types. It is really unlimited and as vast as according to the species you are trying to catch.
The one common theme in fishing though is you have to go. You have to do.. And in this is learning, developing technics, skill, and understanding. You start understanding where to go. What to use. What works. Which bait is preferred. So much to consider, it can be overwhelming. You can be bogged down in all the how to’s and what-nots that you lose the joy of the experience. Fishing should be fun.. Make sense?
I think Christianity is a lot like this. We are called to be Fishers of Men, and there is so much that this involves 377596_2325905485276_1672297566_nand so many methods that we can get lost in the details and understanding that we miss what the joy is.. The joy of going. The joy of doing. This is something that is not to be as much a chore, or drudgery, as much as it is time to spend with our Father, “to be about our Father’s business.” To often we have made it about knowing everything. Understanding all possibilities.. But all knowledge and all understanding will not bring us to the banks of the water and get our lines wet unless we go to where the fish are..
So it is in Going that we are actually doing something. This must be why they refer to this scripture as the Great Commission, “Go you into all the world.” You will never catch a fish if we never go fishing, if we never get our pole out, pack up, and get to the water.. We can have all the knowledge in the world. We can even watch videos, seeing people fish, demonstrating how to do it. Watching “professionals” do it for a living. We can even cheer on our favorite fisherman. But if we never do it we are only spectators, never actually doers and the Bible even tells us to be “doers of the word and not hearers only.” So often we look at the elders, the pastors, deacons, paid people, as the ones who are to “do”.. They are the fishermen, but Jesus calls us to “come”, to “be fishers of men.”
200053_1006683705556_7455236_nWe are to get wet. We are to brave the weather. We are to apply our knowledge and develop our skills so that we may “do”.. If we never “do,” we are mere hearers only and our faith is dead the Bible says. “Faith with out works is DEAD.”
Something interesting about fishing with children is.. When they aren’t catching fish, they start throwing rocks. This too is a metaphor, because when you start throwing rocks it scares the fish and those that are still trying to catch fish will not be able to. I think a lot of times, even we as adults, when we aren’t catching fish we start skipping stones across the water. Maybe not trying to be hurtful, but the results are that it is scaring the fish off. So let us drop our rocks. Let us not cast the stones of doubt. May we not skip the rocks of bitterness, gossip, or slander. Let us hold fast to that which we are called to do. “Let us not become weary of well doing for at the proper time we will reap, “catch” if we do not give up.”

My heart is upon the waters.cropped-392734_329213243755876_100000016098276_1354407_11803992_n.jpg