The Hunger Games, Catching Fire..

The LORD saw it, and it displeased him that there was no justice. He saw that there was no one,
and wondered that there was no one to intercede (Intervene)” Isaiah 59:15-16
     I am reading the Hunger Games.. I am now on book II, Catching Fire. I am Anxious. My Stomach turns. I cry… Why? What is this about? What is the emotion that keeps rising in me as I read? It is my hope that as I type this I will find expression for it. Meaning. A release.  And just maybe a tone will sound in your spirit, and resonate in your soul, reverberating in your emotions to be MOVED with COMPASSION.
For those who are not familiar with the story let me digress. For in the Hunger Games the Capital City rules the other districts with an Iron Fist. And in doing so, they have a game once a year were 2 people from every district is selected to live in a Bio-type dome to resemble any environment they make up. In this environment they must fight to the death. The fight is not quick. Some are able to get weapons. Some are able to make traps. Others are lucky to hide. To survive takes stealth, strength, and cunningness.
In the first book, Katniss, a young girl from District 12, volunteers to take her younger sister’s place, knowing that she had no chance to win. In taking her place, Katniss is accepting the Death sentence so that her sister may live. Katniss has become the sacrificial lamb. She has intervened. Become an Intercessor. (Oh, who will intercede for the youth today?)
As the games go on, Katniss partners with a small little girl from District 11, Rue, and in a short time a friendship and bond is formed.. This friendship is short-lived when Rue is caught in a net by another competitor and starts screaming for help. Katniss is trying to get to her, but just as she arrives Rue is killed.  Emotions flood over her.. Sorrow, the loss of a friend. Despair, that death is so final. Anger for being forced into this world, this game, by the Capitol.  Resentment, for the Capitol’s demonic actions that force them to kill one another. Katniss is wanting to lash out. To rebel against all that the Capitol stands for; to the point of even willing to die to prove her point. Someone has to do something. It’s not about just her. Her district. Her Family. Her Friends. This is about righteousness. This is about correcting a grave injustice..(Who will intercede for this generation?)

   “The LORD saw it, and it displeased him
that there was no justice. He saw that there was no one, and was appalled that there was no one to intercede (Intervene)”

      My heart breaks.. My stomach churns. I am Anxious. I cry. It’s not just the book that moves me. It is the Truth that it unknowingly speaking to my spirit.. Resonating in my soul, reverberating in my emotions.. I can not be silent.  Our youth are killing themselves. Unknowingly they have been selected by a different Capitol, this world.. Whose mayor and chief is Satan. To play a game that will only lead to them killing each other or themselves. This game is a matter of life and death, and unless someone steps in to their world, this dome, and intervene, we will see more lives destroyed.  (The thief comes to kill, steal and destroy, but I come that you might have Life and have it More Abundantly. John 10:10)
In Life, Like in the book,  some of the contestants embrace their role and lash out. Some run and hide, trying not to be found. Others make friends trying to form alliances, only to watch those they have trusted either betray them, or die.. This is not a story, this is life for the average teen. And like the Lord, I see it. I walk among them. I hear their cries. Their screams send chills down my spine. I feel their pain, it crushes me. I taste the salt in the tears they cry. And I too am appalled that there are so few who intercede.
Like Katniss, we need to enter into this fight on behalf of those who are weak. We need to bare the burdens for those who can’t.  We need to not just defend them, but we need to lash back at the one who is stealing their hearts and controlling their lives.
In book II, Katniss meets Rue’s family. She stands before them at first not wanting to face them for the shame of being alive, while Rue isn’t. But, she soon realizes she has to say something. She has to Speak out.. She cannot just hide, neither can she lie to herself, or ignore those whose lives are affected. (Unlike us! We do it daily.) So she speaks for those that don’t have a place to be heard. (And so must we!)
We grab our coffees, we eat our food, and we spend our spare time in all kinds of leisure, not thinking twice of the lives that have been shattered. The Kids, feeling abandoned, walking around wounded and broken. They are cutting themselves in the name of Vengence on this Game they are in. They are starving themselves in the name of survival of fitting in. In defiance, they wearing the clothes to protest all they think holds them captive and enslaved to this death-match.  Some hide, hoping to sink into the background so as to last a little longer. Alliances are formed, usually for the worst. Self-destruction seems the only option.
When this match claims a life.. When a child falls victim to the games Satan plays, what will we say to the family members that gather? How will we be able to honor the life that was maimed, lost, or destroyed?
Unless we intervene, take dramatic steps against the opposition, the game will go unaltered.  I cannot sit back and watch. I can no longer take a passive approach ignoring the hurting, the lonely, nor the sick, or lost.  I must Intervene. To intercede.  “To become all things to all people that I might save some.”